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tips on pain from recurring anal tumor

Hi All,

What a great site with lots of wonderful support and very useful info! I am writing for my 69 year old brother, who doesn't have internet now

Unfortunately, he's just had a recurrence of Stage 4 cancer - with regrowth of his anal tumor and metastases to the lungs. He had the Nigro protocol last summer, which worked well for several months- unfortunately a recent pet scan showed the spread to both lungs and regrowth of the original tumor. He just started Obdivo. His big problem now is severe pain from the regrowth of the large tumor - which has caused him to spend alot of time in bed on his side. He has oxycodone, and also just got some 6% lidocane cream

. The pain may be exacerbated by frequent disharge, including some loose stool (although he has a cholostemy) and some bleeding. Any recommendations for topical creams, cleaning of the tumor area, etc.would be much appreciated!

Thom sent you a hug.
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February 21, 2020

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